Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Randomness in the House of Pneumonia

Pneumonia Checklist:
Banana Boy--Check
Rose Bud--Check
Happy Thanksgiving, Daisy!

Cost of a Chest x-ray at our clinic: $134
Multiplied by 5= $670

Rose Bud, regarding Halls Breezers Pectin Throat Drops: "They're sweet and creamy with only a little air-conditioning." (the menthol)

Most consecutive days with a fever: 7 (tie between Daisy and Banana Boy)
The counter is so nice and cool

Most consecutive days missing school: 5 (Sunshine)

Pepper conveniently spiked a fever at the Dr.'s office while along with Sunshine for his appointment.
Curled up like a cat

Rose Bud conveniently complained of chest pain ("like a brick on my chest--only wider than a regular brick") while along with Daisy for her appointment.

Happy to have ONLY viral-induced asthma:  Pepper (when will *I* get pneumonia, Mom????)

Root cause of all this sickness:  Probably influenza, but possibly para-influenza

Enjoying??? putting together his new birthday robot

Number of days SOMEONE in this house has been sick with this:  30

The REAL hero:  Mr. GT who has taken the puppy out in the evening, late at night, in the middle of the night and early in the morning in rain, wind, cold, bitter cold and generally yucky November weather

Number of nights I can sleep on Banana Boy's floor before my back gives out: 1
Smile, girls!! (We ARE smiling!)

The thing I regret taking for granted:  Our previous HMO.  Walk in, be served, be treated, be happy.  No bills.

Banana Boy:  "cough cough cough, moan."
Will she need a chest x-ray after a nebulizer treatment (she didn't)

Winner of the Never-Whines Award:  Daisy

The thing I am most grateful for:  antibiotics (and alternative antibiotics for when the first one gives me crushing headaches)

There's a boy with pneumonia in there somewhere!

Projected date of being sick-free:  Sunday, Dec. 5.  We're invited to Nonny's for Chinese and St. Nick and stockings


Renee said...

How awful! Your sense of humor through it all amazes me. You ROCK :o)

thecurryseven said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry that you are all sick. And a puppy, too?! I agree with Renee that you seem to be weathering it amazingly well. I hope you all heal quickly and soon.