Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Just 11 Short Months

this child will be backing over all sorts of stuff with a real car.

I put her in the van a couple of weeks ago (on her birthday, I think) and had her go forward and backward in the driveway, up and down.

She has no sense of which way to turn the wheel for backing up.  There's no intuitiveness yet.

So I ordered her onto the lawn mower, to spend an hour backing around our 8 acres.

Only the mower was hitched to the trailer and Mr. GT was using it.  And he thought he'd just put her to work for him.

I tried to explain that she couldn't even back up a plain mower, let alone a mower attached to a trailer (which behaves in an opposite way than the mower itself)

But no.

There really is no animosity here.  He's mostly making fun of her.  And she's laughing at him.

I'll hold up the trailer.  All you have to do is back up straight.

Straight!! STRAIGHT!!!!

Ok.  Straight.  I can do straight.  I think.

You want to drive the VAN?  You can't even back up a TRAILER full of weeds!

Ok.  Straight.

Today's purpose for backing up.


Forward is so easy.  (Do you see Daisy's pumpkin protesting on the top of the pile there?)

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