Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want a Free Kindle???

Donate to Erin at Precious in His Sight and you could win one!

Erin has been called in a powerful way to minister to the children at Sarah's Covenant Homes!  Her first trip coincided with our trip there in January 2010 when she stayed for a month.  She went back again for 3 months this past summer and now she is planning to volunteer long-term beginning in February.

She has done some interesting things in her lifetime--she adopted foster kids, she worked in international adoption and now she's devoting her life to helping out in India.  She does some administrative stuff for Sarah, organizing the kids' files and she also does medical trips up to Hyderabad with the kids.  And she just loves on them!

She's a super nice lady--I met her personally when we were there and we've kept in touch.

And now she needs financial supporters while she lives in India.  Did you ever wonder how missionaries do what they do?  They generally are volunteers!  They don't get paid for their "work."  They have supporters at home who cover their expenses.

I can vouch that Erin lives VERY frugally while she is in India and makes very good use of the money she has.  She has a crazy passion for these kids and God is most definitely in what she is doing.

So, if you'd like your very own Kindle, or if you'd just like to help Erin out, please hop over to her blog and make a donation for her expenses.  There is a tiny yellow donate button on the right hand side (it's a Paypal button, but you can use your credit card if you don't have a Paypal account).  She explains how many entries you'll get and the deadline to donate and be entered is Dec. 15.

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