Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Child Still Lives at My House

He loves kindergarten!  He loves his teacher.  He loves recess and math and getting a drink from the bubbler and his teacher and riding the bus and his teacher and lunch and snack.

He is already on a behavior chart--thumbs up or down for 8-10 different sections of the day-- but the last two days have been entirely thumbs up.  He's been written up on the bus for standing on the seat, putting his arm out the window and then not staying in the seat the bus driver subsequently put him in.  I am paying the neighbor girl 25 cents a day to supervise him.  He has all the 5th grade girls completely wrapped around his little finger.  They love him (and hey, they're keeping him busy playing Rock, Paper, Scissors all the way home so he can't get into trouble)

He hasn't lost his hearing aid.

He hasn't hurt anyone.  Well, he pinched some boy on the Seal bus, but he did tell us about it.

His teacher loves him.  His. Teacher. LOVES. Him.  Thank you, God!

He knows the names of every child in his class and every adult with whom he interacts (and there are a LOT of them!)  He can sing "Head, Thorax, Abdomen (Abdomen!)" and he's learning the days of the week.  He writes his name with all the letters from left to right and all on the same line (still in all caps, though).  He is pretending to read and to write all the time.  He writes wonderful lines of scribbles and calls them words.  He wants to know the title of every book.  He knows how to "Stop, Drop and Roll."

He was good on his first field trip (it helped that he missed rest time and slept all the way home on the bus!)

He is working SO HARD!  I can't even imagine how much work it is for this brave little guy every day to go to school and follow all those rules (that every fiber of his being wants to flaunt instead) and interact with all those adults (relationships to build with THIRTEEN different adults every week--that's a whole heap of people to learn to trust).  Plus there is all that academic stuff!

No wonder he crashes in bed at 7 every night.

Love that little man!


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