Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday: Extreme Adventure Sports

Today’s blog post will be brought to you by the little Green Thumbs.

Sunshine: “We go to lake and see sand. Come back home make supper.”

Banana Boy: Yesterday we went to the sea which is called – what is it called? Which is called Lake Superior. We went there and wanted to swim so we waded in the water to see how it felt and then we went to get our swimsuits and we swam in the water and the girls found cool rocks. Then I was lying on the rocks because it was nice and warm then Pepper and Sunshine and Mom buried me in the rocks. Later they buried me in the sand. Then they took a picture of me then Dad took a picture when I came out of the sand and rocks.
Lake Superior is very cold and I didn’t want to take a bath in there cuz mom had to wash out the sand from me, so I had to go in the cold water and I was crying all that time and it was fun. (note: yes, he DID say “fun” here. It makes no sense to me either). Then we went home at the cottage and ate supper and then we played charade (note: just one charade, apparently) and I tried to make Dad play badminton. The End.

Daisy: We climbed up and down the sand dunes.

Sunshine and I are partners and he always wanted to go on the sand dunes with me. It was fun climbing up the sand dunes. Sunshine and I would slide down the sand dunes. It was cool to look at the water when you were up on top of the sand dunes because you could see really far. Then we went to ---where’d we go next? Then we went to the log slide where you could run down a long sand dune and it took an hour to climb back up. We didn’t do it.

(Mr. GT: It took me only 40 minutes to do and I was EXHAUSTED!) (note: he did NOT either do it! He just likes to interject comments)

Still Daisy: Then we went to 12 mile beach and I found a bunch of cool rocks but we couldn’t take them home because (DANGER! DANGER! chants Sunshine, interrupting) it was a National Lakeshore and if you took the rocks, then they wouldn’t have any rocks.

Then we put our swimsuits on and we swam. The water was really cold. After I got out I laid on the rocks because the rocks were hot (“I now have burns in the shape of the rocks,” interrupts Mr. GT). Then we went to Pictured Rock and looked at ….. the rocks. (They had pictures on them :Mr. GT) Then we had ice cream and went back to the cabin. (Mr. GT: That about sums it up!)

And now Rose Bud will tell about yesterday:

(“Je’tem beaucoo,” interjects Mr. GT)

Primero vamos a el agua que està cayendo.

Caminamos al lago y corrimos arriba del un montòn muy grande de (sand).

Yo corro abajo de el montòn y cuando estoy en el final, cayo en los rocs. Los rocs me duelen mi pierna.

Vamos a un montòn mas grande que el uno que subimos.

Para ir arriba de este montòn, necessitas mas o menos un hora. Papà dice que no tenemos tiempo para ir arriba de este montòn.

Pepper quiere a ir abajo y entonces arriba. Ella està muy triste.

Despues de esto, vamos a la playa de doce milas. En este playa, no podemos traer los rocs atras del coche. El parque dice asì.

Nadamos en el lago acà. El lago es muy frio. Yo no nado para mucho tiempo.

Yo duermo en los rocs a causa de estos son muy calientes.

Cubrimos Banana Boy con los rocs.

Conducimos en el coche a los rocs grande y pinta.

Vemos el roc de castle y el agua bonita. Conducimos atras de la casa, pero despues de llegamos acà, impedimos para helado. Entonces vamos a la casa. Al Fin.

There is a translation, but Rose Bud will not let me share it here.

And now, Pepper, in brief: “We hiked and swam and drove and climbed.”

And now, excerpts from Pepper, collected by me throughout the day:

“We need to wash our hands and brush off our hands. We don’t want to eat the dead people in Lake Superior, now do we? Oh, no!” (“dead people” being all the sailors lost in the shipwrecks we heard about several days ago)

Adventure Pepper: “There’s the trail! You used to be able to walk there, right next to the falls! Look at that trail. Now you have to walk on this wooden trail with big railings. I see the old trail! There it is! It goes under the wooden trail. Now where did it go? Here it is! It comes out here! WHY can’t you walk there any more?”

Adventure Pepper: “We can go down the log slide! It won’t take us long to come back up. Look how pretty the water is! See, it just goes right down and then we’ll climb back up. It was easy on the other sand dune. WHY can’t we climb down? It looks easy! How far is it? How far? I WISH we could go down there. Sigh.”

Adventure Pepper: “This is fun! Look at the big wave! Here comes a really big wave! Aww, why aren’t there any more big waves? Hey? Why did everybody get out? It’s not cold! I’m not cold. This is so fun! Jump in the waves with me, Mom!”

Adventure’s in Breaking the Law Pepper: “WHY WHY WHY can’t we take the rocks home? They’re SO pretty!!!!!!! It’s not fair that we can’t take the rocks! But WHY won’t they let anyone take the rocks? WHO says that we can’t take the rocks? I don’t understand WHY we CAN’T take the rocks! What HAPPENS if you take the pretty rocks? When can we go to a place where we can keep the rocks? What if they aren’t pretty there?”

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