Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Tiling is Finished!

Sarah posted pictures of the tiling at Victory Home that your money helped to complete this week. It looks great and I wish I could be there to see the kids scoot around on its beautiful smoothness! Thank you everyone for your generous contributions toward making this happen!

Thank you for one last donation to Sarah Jane.

If any of you out there are still checking my poor, dead blog, Leslie and I are thinking of leading a group back to SCH in January. If you have even the remotest thought of joining us, please let me know. sandwichinwi at gmail dot com or comment here. We're thinking $2000, tops, probably less. Rose Bud and I sat down and mentally counted up what we spent and figure it came to $3500 for the two of us (including a wardrobe shopping spree for me to wear there and 10-year visas for both of us (not necessary for YOU), souveniers, and an extra night of hotel in the USA)

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David and Sarah said...

I would definitely consider it!