Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Earthquake

There was an earthquake in DeKalb, IL this morning. Mr. GT was just finishing up some work he had to log on and do, when he heard what sounded like a snowplow driving into our yard. They WERE going by on the road throughout the morning and he wondered why one would come into our driveway. He looked out and didn't see anything. Huh.

Later, on the way to work, he heard the news that there'd been a minor earthquake and it could be felt/heard in WI. Then it all made sense.

Fun for us. Not so fun for Haiti and those who love it.

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thecurryseven said...

I had just finished nursing a baby and was dozing off, when the earthquake woke me up. A plow was also coming down the street at the same time, so I decided the plow was making the house vibrate. Obviously, I was closer to asleep than awake. It all made sense in the morning when the earthquake was mentioned on the radeo.