Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still Here

Working on adjusting back into my regular life. I thought about India for 6 solid months, plotting, planning, praying and it's relaxing just to do ordinary things again.

The kids are out cross-country skiing. Over the years I've bought a few pair of skis at garage sales and this year all the shoes happen to fit Daisy, Pepper and Banana Boy. With 8 acres to cruise on, they are happy as clams (as happy as clams can be in the snow) finding new hills to race down. I was always a speed demon myself.

Rose Bud is all settled in back at school. She went back the next day! Oh to be young and not suffer from jet lag! She had a forensics meet last weekend and got a 27 out of 30! Also all A's on her report card.

Work is work and I am back in my game. The first couple of days were a little foggy, what with the jet lag and working in the evening. I'm sure I must have brought chicken to someone who ordered beef, or something. I don't think I was all there.

I'm still thinking about Sarah's all the time. I'm debating whether it's a good use of resources to go back. I promised to take Daisy, and Rose Bud wants to go again. She is even thinking through what things we'd do differently next time and what activities we could add to our class to make it better!

If there is anyone who seriously thinks they would like to go, please email me. (sandwichinwi at gmail dot com or my other email, if you know it) I know there are some of you out there who love India as much as I do and would jump at a chance to go. If you need more time to get things together, here is your chance. I'm thinking a spring 2011 trip, although that's tentative. Jan. 2011 is also a possibility. The money is the iffy part, as if I take both girls, I'd need to save up $6000. It would likely come in WAY under that. This trip was under $1500 with airfare. But we had a pretty good deal on airfare! If you'd like to go, I'd plan on $2000 per person.

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