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Help Me Help Sarah's Kids

November 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

As you probably know, our two sons were adopted from India. Now, we have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to return to India to give back to the country that has given us so much. My oldest daughter, Rose Bud, and I will be traveling to Ongole, India from January 9-20, 2010 to partner with Sarah’s Covenant Homes, a partner of India Christian Ministries (ICM).

Less than two years ago, Sarah received a clear call from God to care for some of India’s most severely disabled and unwanted children. To date, she has received 46 children from government orphanages and has placed them in two family-style group foster homes where children who came to her malnourished and suffering have blossomed with love, medical care, spiritual nurture, education and good nutrition.

Rose Bud and I will be sharing our love of education with some of the children while we are there. Sarah has asked that we set up a mini-camp and teach 8 children in the areas of geography, science, English, sewing, Bible and math. These are children ranging in age from 7-12 who, because of their previous orphanage experience, have received no formal education!

In addition to contributing our time, we also want to assist financially where ever we see the need. We hope to help purchase school uniforms, educational materials, wheelchairs and medical supplies among other things.

To that end, our goal is to raise $4000. We are praying for 100 people who will share $20 with us and 10 people who will share $200 to allow us to bless the children. This $4000 is not for any of our expenses, but to provide enriched opportunities for Sarah’s kids!

To share $20 with us, you would need to set aside just $2 each week between now and January! Of course, donations of any amount are welcome.

You may donate via credit card through ChipIn at the top of the blog. ChipIn works via PayPal. (FYI, PayPal does take a 2.9% fee from your donation, which on $20 is about 60 cents. If you wish to add a little bit to your donation to cover this, it would be welcome, but if not, we understand) If you'd like your donation to be tax-deductible, you can email me at for info about that.

We ask for your prayers:
For our mission and our team
For the children at the homes, for Sarah and the staff
For children still suffering and in need of homes

You can learn much more about Sarah’s Covenant Homes at her blog: This is an amazing, faith-filled ministry and India is an amazing country. We are so excited to experience more of India and to be a part of blessing these children.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

God’s Blessings,
Sandwich and Rose Bud

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