Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Hunting

It's only 5 am, but Mr. GT and Sunshine and Saffron have already had an adventure. Sunshine got up at 5 and came into his "nest" in our room (it's a quilt on the floor), which of course woke me up because I am the world's lighest sleeper.

I also have great hearing, which is why, when I now had to get up to use the bathoom, I heard the squeak. And saw the pouncing shadow of the kitten in the dark room across the hall. Because I am very quick to put two and two together, even though it is only 5 am, I know the kitten has a mouse.

This is where Mr. GT enters the story, because no way am I catching a mouse at 5 am! So he gets a good shaking awake.

" Wha'?" more shaking.

" The kitty has a mouse."


"The kitty has a mouse."


He doesn't wake up as well as I do, which makes for some fun times (and good blogging!)

He finally staggers out of bed. I point him in the direction of the boys' room and give him a little shove.

When I return from the bathroom (my original destination, if you recall) he is standing in the boys' room holding the kitten.

"How do you know there's a mouse?"

"I HEARD it.". His hearing isn't as good as mine.

"Well where is it?". He is still skeptical. He is standing in the middle of the room with the light on, holding the squirming kitten.

"Put the kitten down.". Saffron immediately goes onto sniff mode, nosing around Banana Boy's quilt (he's on a floor-sleeping jag).

Sniff sniff sniffs sniff sniff. Finally half-convinced, he lifts the quilt.

This is the part where I run shrieking back to my room and slam the door! Sunshine, who has been watching from our doorway, is laughing.

I hear a metal wastebasket thunk and then nothing for about 3 minutes. He calls. He needs a piece of cardboard. He is sitting on the floor with his hand firmly planted on the upside-down wastebasket. One flattened cereal box from the recycle bin later, the poor little rodent is on his way back to the cold outdoors. Sunshine is completely out of bed now and helping Mr. GT, opening doors and getting to go outside barefoot.

I'm so proud of him! Saffron, I mean. (well, I'm proud of Mr. GT, too) But what a good kitty! He's only been here 3 weeks and he's already caught a mouse (and two really disgusting and juicy crickets he found in the basement. Gross)

And thank God for the blessing of a good husband who will wake up out of a dead sleep to hunt mice. Love you, Honey!!!

Oh, and BB? He slept through the whole thing.

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