Thursday, October 8, 2009

CC Meet 5

Everyone had to run the same race today and it was a 2 MILE race! Normally the 7th grade girls and boys and the 8th grade girls run 1.5 miles and the 8th grade boys run 2 miles. Today everyone had the same course.

And what a course! When they hit the 1.5 mile point, they had to run straight up a huge hill! At least the last part was down hill and then straight and flat to the finish.

So. Rose Bud ran a great race! She wasn't too nervous, even about the hill. She DID run all the way up the hill (but then had to walk a bit to rest).

Her time was 15:13 and she placed 27 out of 76 runners.

Pictures coming--I'm recharging the camera battery.

BTW, today was her last day as a 13 year old!

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Happy Birthday Rose Bud.