Sunday, March 8, 2009

Solo & Ensemble

Rose Bud participated in Solo & Ensemble this year. I got to take her to the meet and we had some nice Mother/Daughter time in the car.

She was nervous, but not unduly so. She's been practicing and practicing and I thought it was a fairly hard piece, even though it was Class C. It had lots of high notes and eighth notes and if you've listened to a seventh grader play high notes on the clarinet you've experience that special squeak that only comes from a clarinet. Even the high schoolers we listened to were squeaking on the high notes!

She didn't squeak! She did a great job on her clarinet solo! Unfortunately, even though she played at 2:38 in the afternoon, they STILL hadn't posted the scores by 4 pm when we had to leave. We'll update on how they scored her when we know.

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