Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Happy P]ooping Dance

Yeah, we've been doing it here lately. Suddenly, Sunshine is on a potty kick and maybe this will be the time it sticks. He's been pretty good about p]ooping on the potty and just yesterday, he was actually keeping his unders dry. As in, staying dry inbetween the times I'm taking him to go potty. And then when he does go potty, he's not just squeezing out a token drip, but actually emptying his bladder, something he's not been willing to do before.

I put ye old cheerios in the toilet yesterday for him to aim at. I think that helped with the emptying as he had to keep mustering ammunition. In any case, he thought that was fun.

I bought him some super-cute new unders on Etsy and he is excited for them to come. I told him he can't have them until all his diapers are gone. I can't share the photos, but here are the links to the prints I chose... Diggers Elephants and Zoo I only chose the last one because I liked the little huts.
And I'm sparing you pictures of the Happy P]ooping Dance. It's just not that pretty. But Sunshine likes it.


gram68 said...

Well....I'm glad to hear that!

Recovering Noah said...

Yay for Sunshine!!

I have to admit, I'm jealous the cheerio trick worked. We tried that with Noah, but he reached in and tried to eat the cheerios. Hmmmm....

sandwichinwi said...


yes, well, we had some serious talk about how we would NOT eat those cheerios. I fully anticipated that he would try! LOL