Friday, March 13, 2009

Like We Need A Hole in the Head

Two holes, actually.

Sunshine was dancing around this morning, doing circles around the sunroom, got dizzy and landed temple-first on the prayer bench. The prayer bench Mr. GT build with nice sharp corners. Pepper brought him to me all sad and crying and then I noticed blood dripping steadily from his poor head. It stopped quickly with a little kleenex pressure. So now he has a bandaid in his hair.

This afternoon I laid down for a nap with Sunshine, as per usual, and when I woke up, Pepper said to me, "Someone keeps trying to reach you. They've called the phone twice and your cell phone keeps ringing."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (so come and wake me UP! already!) Pepper and I had a quick little talk about how that means that's an emergency and she should wake Mommy up, please.

Listen to messages. One from Mrs. Hey (old neighbor--well, not old old. She's not old. She's really quite young. I mean old, as in, we used to live next door to her), and two from the school secretary. Two on the cell phone, one from Mrs. Hey and one from the school secretary.

Call secretary. Turns out Banana Boy has fallen at recess and cut open his chin. Secretary thinks he needs stitches. She left messages for me (at home and on cell), Mr. GT (at work and on cell), called Nonny but didn't leave a message (she was napping, too, but would have answered the phone if someone left a message) and Mrs. Hey, whom she actually talked to.

Meantime, poor BB, rather than sit in the office and unable to have Mommy, opted for Mrs. S, his teacher and went back to the classroom.

Mr. GT's cell never rang. Stupid cell reception.

ANYWHO, I sent Mr. GT off to pick up BB, called the secretary back, called Mrs. Hey back, called Nonny to let her know, called urgent care, called mr. GT on his cell to tell him what to do once he got to school....I think that's all the calls I made.

BB promptly fell asleep once he got in the car. Good, then he can't get his poor self worked up about the upcoming stitches.

Pictures to follow.


Recovering Noah said...

Yikes! I was wincing during that entire post. How'd he handle the stitches? Did you buy him an ice cream afterwards?

Laurel said...

What a story! Sounds like something that would happen at my house. (I love my afternoon naps.)

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