Friday, April 25, 2008

Take Your Daughter To Work

We are so blessed that Mr. GT's company runs an awesome program for Take Your Child to Work Day. In the morning, the kids hang out with their parent. Mr. GT always makes sure to schedule moves on this day and the kids get to help. They love to punch wires in the closet. Yesterday, they also got to go to two meetings--one short during which they ate crackers and one long during which they got to read books.
Daisy helped to move phones. Every time they did a move, she pretended to talk on the phone. Mr. GT told her he was going to disconnect her unless she told him who she was talking to. She even made a friend named Prim when she moved his phone. He gave her a parachute guy as a gift.
This was Rose Bud's 5th and last year going to work with Dad. She was a little bored. AFter spending the morning with their parent, everyone eats a fun lunch together (today it was pizza, fruit, jungle juice and monkey cupcakes), there is a short "show" of some sort and then the kids break off into groups to attend the workshops they've selected. This year Daisy went to the mail room (again. It was so much fun last year) where she got to mail herself a package. She also went to an editing workshop. Rose Bud made a t-shirt and went to the doll hospital for about the 5th year in a row. She loves the doll hospital.
Rose Bud made a point to protect Dad's white board which obviously suffers abuse when she is not there. The fine print says, "*You will be arrested for violation of private property. Unless you have the proper authority, do not use this white board."

Next year, Daisy and Pepper will go. Fun stuff!

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