Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Things Wednesday

An original title, huh?

1)  The boys are so cute playing their favorite restaurant in the garage.  They have a hostess stand set up at the door with a white board for specials.  They dragged out a card table and the velcro-cutting pizza and sandwich sets for food.  The deck is the patio.

2)  Daisy is feeling the beginning-of-the-year overwhelmed blues.  I'm a bad listener, a bad empathizer and I just want to fix it.  She ran off crying.

3)  Pepper accomplished much today and made a cute dream catcher while we were gone.

4) Rose Bud had her first day of senior year today.  She's not home from CC yet, so no report on how it went.  She did stop in at the restaurant last night after the bus returned from the meet to tell me that the girls one first place!  She was so excited!  I thought it was so sweet of her to take the time to stop in.

5)  The dog can tell time.  Every night between 5:00 and 5:30, she comes wooing in to tell us her dish needs filling.  I don't know how she knows.

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