Saturday, September 21, 2013

5 Things Saturday

1.  Cross Country did really well at the home meet.  Everyone took 2nd except Varsity boys who were 3rd, but one of the boys won the race.

2.  Mr. GT, Banana Boy, Sunshine and Pepper went on an excellent adventure today, in which they went to the farmer's market, an antique mall, the whole foods co-op, a tractor pull and the cheese factory.  They ate a ton of food!

3.  I got my bedroom cleaned and rearranged for winter.  The bed is back in the inside corner instead of in front of the (now freezing-at-night) window.  All the bedding, from the mattress pad to the duvet cover are washed AND the dog bed.  Vacuumed.  Stuff put back in the closet.

4.  Daisy had the whole house to herself for most of the morning while I was at the CC meet and everyone else was on their excellent adventure.  She wrote, read and did math.  And hung out laundry before I got home to take her to work.

5.  Home by myself for lunch, I stopped and picked up Chinese after dropping Daisy at work.  Yum.

Bonus 6.  RoseBud is accepted at both colleges she applied to.  The private one has offered her (standard for a 4.0 GPA) $18,000/year for 4 years.  This brings it down to ONLY $22,000.  Yikes.  State school starts at $14,000.  She is relieved to receive the scholarship based on her GPA to date, however.  She was really feeling the pressure to maintain it for this year also in order to win it.

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