Saturday, May 12, 2012

15' 4" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and a quarter inch!

She broke 15 feet!!!

Rose Bud has been consistently jumping in the low-mid 14s.  Her previous best, set this year was 14' 10.5".

She qualified with a 14' 7" and then had her super-jump in the finals.  She said it felt far, so on her way back, she glanced at the tape and saw it was over 15'.  Then she asked how far it was and started jumping up and down.  It got her 4th place (she was a little disappointed since 3rd and up get medals).

They have a new long jump coach this year, a woman who has recently moved to the area and previously coached at the college level.  This lady, new to the area, was just looking for something to do and picked OUR school district to coach in.  It's definitely been to our benefit!

She's been consistently running 1:08 and change in the 400, which doesn't get her better than 6th or 7th usually.

But their 4x800 has been doing well, earning 2nd, 3rd or 4th, depending on the size of the meet.  She's been consistent at 2:35ish for that.  They were 3rd tonight.

In an interesting twist, a freshman on our team who's been doing very well at the Triple Jump this year jumped long jump for the first time in competition last night.  She won the meet at 15' 11"!!!  Rose Bud was really excited and amazed for her teammate.

And THAT spirit is what contributed to their team winning the Sportsmanship trophy! (as well as the overall meet)

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