Friday, April 20, 2012

Track 2012 ~ Home Meet 2

Meet 3:  RoseBud ran in the 4x800 (they were disqualified for a lane violation), the 4x200m (4th place), 4x400 (5th place) and she did the Long Jump (5th place with a 14' 4" jump).

Home meet #2 (overall, Meet #4). In this jumping picture, something went wrong with her shoulder. Her coach looked at this pic and said she had perfect form, but whatever happened with her arms threw her off and she made a terrible landing. She wasn't hurt, but she was laughing about it. Anyway, she's knows at this point in the jump that something is wonky. You can see it on her face!
Just before the wonky jump, she cleared 14' 8.25" (her personal best is 14'9") She came in FIFTH with that jump. The other team had a banner day and all jumped 15' or better. You could tell they were surprised because they were all hopping up and down hugging each other.

This is the 400m, her first time this season she's run the open 400.  She came in 4th with a 1:06.84.  (her best is 1:05.30)

Taking off in the 4x400m.  She ran the first leg and did well.  She was third until the final 100m and then she sprinted past everyone to put her team in first place after that leg.  They finished the race 2nd.  But more impressive to me than her run was her team spirit.  One of the runners had a sore leg and didn't want to run this race so they pulled in a freshman who had never run a 400m or a relay before, just 15 minutes before the race.  RoseBud took her to the back of the track, ran her through a baton transfer, kept giving her tips and encouragement and then after RoseBud had run her leg, she was there at the side of the track coaching and encouraging the new runner through her whole leg of the relay.  She's a great leader and a super team-player.  I'm so proud of her!

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