Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Whole Lot of Blogging Going On

3rd meet
This is a huge meet --there were 121 runners in this race and there were TWO varsity races.  Rose Bud was at first disappointed to find she had finished 43rd, but was more pleased when she heard her time was 16:52--that's a 6:48 pace!  Her personal best so far!

This is a picture of a very sick Rose Bud (and a sympathetic dad) on her way to WATCH her teammates run in their home meet.  There were some tears as she struggled through the decision (hers, not ours!) to not run today.  Her legs were sore and weak, she was coughing and her nose was stuffed up.  I think she still had a sore throat, too.  It's the first meet she's missed.  Ever.

This is a feeling-much-better Rose Bud during homecoming week.  Each day has a dress-up theme.  Today's was Under the Sea for sophomores and, can you tell?  She is a jellyfish.

In case you are in need of a very cute costume for the upcoming holiday, this was SO easy!  

---this is the part where my blog becomes a craft blog--

We used a clear garbage bag which we lined with purple plastic wrap taped down with clear packing tape (I only taped the shoulders, bottom and a spot in the middle). 

 I laid strips of clear packing tape (sticky up, in case you are supremely craft-challenged) on my diningroom table and stuck the ends of 3-ft (estimated) lengths of curling ribbon about ever 3/4" along the strip.  Then I stuck the beribboned packing tape all along the bottom edge of the garbage bag (the open end).  Ta-da!  Tentacles!  

Cut a head hole in the top (this is the actual "bottom" of the bag) and arm holes in the sides and slip the plastic bag over your child's head!  This was the scary part.  You know, how you KNOW you shouldn't lick the frozen flagpole, but you want to, just to see if all the stories are TRUE!  Pull the bag down so the head pops through the head-hole.

Oh, I also poked slits about every 2 1/2" along the tentacled edge of the bag and threaded another piece of ribbon through.  This we cinched tight like a drawstring after we pulled the bottom up to waist level.  This made the jelly part puffy.

---end of crafty section of blog---

This disgusting picture is the inside of Banana Boy's mouth.  Shining on the left side there are his brand-spanking new crowns!  He was unblessed to be born with cruddy enamel on all his baby teeth (Rose Bud has this too, on her permanent molars)  Thankfully, his permanent teeth all are beautiful and lovely so far.  Anyway, these crumbly baby teeth are crazy-prone to decay.  About a fourth of that front crowned tooth was gone by the day we had this done.

Banana Boy handled the dental work like a champ!  He lay in his spa-chair watching Madagascar while our wonderful pediatric specialty dentist (who also put on Rose Bud's crowns and pulled out Sunshine's dead front tooth) sang BB little songs about how wonderful he was.  BB was pretty annoyed by the numbness afterwards and had some pain as it wore off, but a couple of doses of ibuprofen and a lot of iPad time distracted him nicely.  I was so proud of him!

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