Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day of School

This year we have 2 in one school district (Rose Bud and Sunshine), one in a different school district (Banana Boy) and two at home (Daisy and Pepper).  Call me crazy, but I think it's going to work very well.

 Banana Boy and Sunshine's first day of school.  Rose Bud is a sophomore this year and at the high school, only the freshmen and new students have to attend the first day.

 Banana Boy is in the window to the left of the emergency window (the one with the white bar at the top)  The first day, the bus backed into our driveway.  Now it stops on the road to pick him up and drop him off, then turns around at the top of the hill up the road.
After we watched BB get on the bus, I drove Sunshine for his first day.

 I also picked Sunshine up from his first day so we could see BB get off the bus.  Sunshine was so excited to see his big brother get off the bus!  Chaya thought this might be a good opportunity to slink down to the road.

 BB's 2nd day of school was Rose Bud and JayHay's first day (remember, they're sophomores).  We always take pictures at their house for the first day.  We drove over to watch the kids get on the bus there and then I drove BB to school.  Here are BB and his best buddy, Little Hay.

Rose Bud and JayHay.  I remember when they were just kindergarteners!!!!  They don't put their arms around each other for the photo anymore.

Homeschoolers, Daisy and Pepper (apparently in their homeschool uniform! ??) and LayleyHay.

 Rose Bud 10th, JayHay 10th, Daisy 7th, Layley 6th, Pepper 5th, Little Hay 3rd, BB 3rd and Sunshine 1st. Lined up by age (which no longer matches height!)

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