Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Different in India

Pepper had to choose a missionary to learn about for AWANA.  Then she had to learn more about his or her country and write a one page paper about it.  Here is what she came up with.  (I helped with the format for the 5-paragraph essay, but the ideas are hers.)
Different in India

Have you ever been to India?  If you have, then you know that many things in India are different than in America.  Some things that are different are the animals that live there, the clothes they wear, and the driving on the roads.

Both familiar and unfamiliar animals live in India.  Dogs in India are very skinny and roam the streets.  Cows are also very skinny because they eat garbage.  Cows are considered holy so the Indians don’t eat beef.  Peacocks are India’s national bird.  Indian elephants are smaller than African elephants and sometimes people ride on them.  Indian cobras are very venomous.  Over 2500 Bengal tigers live in the Indian jungles.

The clothes people wear in India are not like the clothes we wear in America.  A sari is a long piece of colorful cloth that women wrap around themselves.  Mostly women in the north wear saris.  Salwars are like dresses worn over pants and come in many beautiful colors.  Women in the south wear them more than saris.  Men wear kurtas, which are like long shirts and they wear pants underneath.  A lungi is a length of cloth that men fold around their waist.  They can wear it long or short.  They wear it long to show respect and short when they are working.

Driving is much more interesting in India than it is here in America.  The roads in India are very crowded with big trucks, cars, buses, bicycles, and tractors.  You would also see auto rickshaws, cows, dogs, herds of goats, camels and ox carts.  It would seem strange to us that they drive on the left side of the road.

If I went to India, I would like to wear a sari or a salwar instead of my regular clothes and see an elephant in the street.  I think it would be interesting to drive on the Indian roads.  I think it would be fun to compare Indian life to American life.  I hope I can go to India someday.

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