Wednesday, June 30, 2010

While Rose Bud Was Gone...

Rose Bud is away at Bible camp this week.  Here are a few things she has missed:

Saffron caught a squeaking baby mouse.  Dad chased him all around the house with it calling, "Drop it!  Drop it, I say!"  Dad eventually prevailed and won the mouse for himself, but not before a trip upstairs, through the library and to the basement.

Pepper dreamt it was snowing in the summer and a cold wind was blowing over her (because it was--it got down to 47 one night and her window was open!)  Even though she was wearing a snowsuit (we all were) she was still cold.

Daisy dreamt SHE was working on her pioneer house and she woke up because she couldn't WAIT to mud her chimney!  She really is building a small model pioneer house with leather hinges on the doors and a stone and mud chimney.  In her dream, she was really in the house.
Daisy shot Banana Boy's bow and arrow and lost the arrow in the day lilies around the tree where we park the car.  When she parted the lilies........  FIFTEEN eggs, all laid by Cafe!

It was too cold to swim in the pool.

The van refused to start and after some diagnoses and a hammer, Tracey determined we need a new starter.  Last week brakes, this week a starter.  sigh.

That's just through Tuesday!

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