Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's a Seagull!

That's what we used to tell her before she jumped last year.

9 schools

13' 9 1/4"

2nd place

Difference between first and second: 3/4" !!

THREE-QUARTERS of an inch!

Pretty awesome!

She also finished 7th in the 400 m with a time of 1:12.6 .  Top 6 finishers got ribbons.

100m didn't place.

Previous meet:
Long Jump 13' 5" for 3rd place  (the winner jumped 14' 8 1/2" !!! Wow!)
400m 1st place! with a time of 1:13
and 100 m 3rd in her heat (there were no times as the gun didn't go off)

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