Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In the past two weeks, 2 of Sarah's sweet girls have died. 

Elizabeth, who was 2 1/2, died on Good Friday

Evelyn was 10 or 11 and died this week

They both had epilepsy and cerebral palsy and seem to have died of seizures, but they don't do post mortems in the town where Sarah is (and probably no one besides Sarah and the people who loved these girls even cares why they died), but several other children have been sick with fevers and now Jaron (remember Jaron?)

Jaron when he first came to Sarah's

 Jaron, now (look how chubby he's gotten and look at that smile!!)

is on his way to the emergency room in Hyderabad (that's a 7 hr drive, btw!) because he is vomiting blood.

The second little girl, Evelyn, who died WAS taken to the emergency room in Ongole the night she died.  In fact, she was taken to TWO emergency rooms.  But it was Sunday night and there, uh, weren't any doctors.  In the emergency room.

Please consider, just for a moment, the emergency room care you have available to you.  Yes, you might have sat for 6 hours in a emergency room once.  And, yes, you might have gotten poor care (I know everyone complains about the ER), but did you have to drive 7 hours over bumpy roads while vomiting blood to get there?  And when you got there, if you were really, REALLY sick, there WAS a doctor there, right?

Now the help part.  All of the 40 (well, 38 now) new children are unimmunized as of yet.  Sarah has not had the funds to pay for it.  She needs $175 PER CHILD to cover all the necessary immunizations.  What's your copay for your child's immunizations? (without getting into a debate about universal healthcare)

Maybe there is something going through the home.  Meningitis?  A mosquito-borne disease?  TB?  Hepatitis?  Even if it's not a disease which killed these children, because they are medically fragile to begin with, immunization is even more important to them.

If you were not in a position to give in January when I was collecting donations for SCH, please consider helping now.

8 people at $20
1 person at $10
1 person at $5

= 1 child immunized

There is a Chip-in (Paypal link) on Sarah's blog where you can give for immunizations.  If you can't do Paypal and you know me personally, contact me and we'll arrange for your donation to get to SCH.

Please help.  I've met all these children personally.  Each one is a precious individual, a child of God, precious in his sight.

And spread the word.  Link to Sarah's blog.  Share her story on Facebook.  Blog about it on your blog.  The more people who can pray and give and share, the sooner we can save lives.



Recovering Noah said...

Great post, Sandwich!! We WILL do it!!!

sarah bess said...

I just now saw this post, Sandy. It really really moved me. thanks so much!!!