Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Here is an old picture of Banana Boy from Spring. Nonny took it and emailed it to me and I just never got it posted. Isn't he adorable?

Here is our new tire swing. Rose Bud was swinging on it about a month ago and the rope broke. Mr. GT and I finally got to the hardware store to buy a new rope. Then when JayHey came over, we rigged up a hook on a piece of line and he threw it up and over the branch (it only took about a dozen tries. Rose Bud and I were impressed) The hook got stuck way up there--it wasn't heavy enough to pull the line down. Rose Bud then rigged up two thin pieces of wood to make a pole tall enough to hook the hook. She lashed them together with some more rope she found and tied another hook on the end. This branch was seriously 30 ft. up! Together we hooked it and pulled it down, then tied the actual swing rope to the end of that line and pulled it over. Ta Da! New tire swing. We were really proud of ourselves and we let JayHey have the first turn, since without his stellar pitching arm, we never would have succeeded.
Daisy doesn't look like she is having fun, but they all loved it. Pepper (don't have a picture) is especially cute. She kicks her little 8 yo feet in delight when I push her high.Rose Bud giving JayHey the first ride.

We borrowed this man's chocolate-covered bacon for a photo-op at the State Fair last week. No way were we buying our own piece (2/$3.00) just for a photo. We eat a lot of things at the Fair, but chocolate-covered bacon is not one of them. Really, isn't it sacrilege to mix chocolate with meat? (he said it was only "eh," BTW)

And can you tell what's new about Rose Bud? She spent the night with two friends yesterday and came home all different. Look closely! (hint: if she had a different colored shirt on, it would be much easier to tell) Auntie, I bet you'll find it!

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Aunti said...

I found it right away! Very nice, Rosebud