Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Grass Is Always Greener, OR, What's Wrong With This Picture?

Hmm. Something seems odd, but I can't quite put my finger on it!

Welcome to my new chicken blog, BTW. I'm going to call it, Cluckings, Sandwich. Doesn't have the same snappy ring to it, does it?

I can't help it! Chickens are just so funny!

Today the teenagers discovered freedom. They've always been perchers. Three of them actually sleep up on the rafters in the chicken coop at night.

Yesterday when we moved them in with the big chickens, the first thing they did was go outside. The second thing they did was to fly up onto the fence separating their old outside pen from their new outside pen. The third thing? They all flew back down into their old pen.

So today, they all flew up onto the fence. Then they flew down again. On the outside. Now we've occasionally let the big chickens out to roam the yard, but not often. Apparently this will be the new normal. sigh.

As Rose Bud pointed out, "Dad! They'll poop in the yard!" Hello! Did you see this child barefoot in their filthy pen yesterday? What's the big deal?

Anyway, for your listening enjoyment, here are some more pictures of our wonderful chickens. Because I just can't stop. (Actually, Rose Bud took all these).

Two chickens, scratching in the dirt.

Boy, n. A noise with dirt on it.

Teenagers will try anything. Especially if their peers do it too.

Brick's Chicks

A chicken in a hurry.

Chicken Art

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