Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh, Cr*p! Tuesday

So did you see the SNL sketch on Chewable Pampers?  I'm not even going to link it for you.  It was that disgusting.

Ever eager to create my own new invention, today I made up "Washable Pull-Ups."

Only they don't work so well.

Mostly all the gel stuff gets all over your whole load of laundry and all over the floor as you take said load out of the washer.

Fortunately, the gel stuff also dries well in your dryer and ends up in your lint trap.  Not very appetizing as craft material.

Did you know you can vacuum out your washer?

In other "Oh, Cr*p! Tuesday" tips, put a platter under your turkey thawing in your fridge.  (Honey!)

My vegetable drawer is disinfecting in the bathtub as we speak.  

Hooray for Clorox!

Hooray for disinfecting wipes!

Hooray that my refrigerator needs to be cleaned anyway after Saturday!

Did you know that all sorts of stuff accumulates under your vegetable drawers on the floor of your fridge.  I don't do so well with slimy, soft-textured messes.  Can you say "gag"?

And in the final irony of "Oh, Cr*p! Tuesday,"  today is not even Tuesday.  I guess you can use this button any day of the week.


1 comment:

Recovering Noah said...

Oh, I can tell that I'm going to be a big fan of Oh, Cr*p, Tuesday. That sounds right up my alley. ;-)

And, uh, yeah, I washed TWO pull-ups last week. The expensive non-toxic kind. And that gel stuff is just as gross as the storebrand...