Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another milestone

You can't really tell from the picture, but Banana Boy lost his first two teeth on Saturday! It's the two bottom teeth you're looking at.

They've been wiggly forever! FOREVER! The special thing about Banana Boy, though is that he has an extremely low tolerance to pain. The wiggly teeth have been sending him over the edge daily.

He won't wiggle them. He won't let me touch them. Whenever he bites anything or bumps them he wails.

I love pulling teeth. I have pulled out many, many teeth. I pulled out Daisy and Pepper's first teeth. I pulled out Layley and Little Hey's first teeth. I can't stand to see a super wiggly tooth just hanging there. It begs me to remove it. (true confessions: I also love to cut nails, hangnails, remove slivers, clean ears, take out blackheads, pluck hairs--I'm a picker)

So anyway, I even pulled out my neighbors' teeth. After which I called their mom to confess each time (luckily she didn't mind!)

So it was making me crazy that Banana Boy had TWO really loose teeth and he wouldn't let me pull them out.

To make it worse, both permanent teeth were growing in behind the loose ones. My child had FOUR teeth in the bottom of his mouth.

He let me try twice before, but he curls and clamps his mouth so tight, I couldn't get a good grip. He wailed anyway (and I gave him a peanut butter cup for his bravery).

But this weekend, half of the root was sticking out the front of his gum! I know, I know. It would have fallen out eventually on its own. But what fun is that?

So I held him down, Mr. GT held his protesting little hands, I got my kleenex ready and dove in. Out it came!

Now really, it was not as bad as it sounds. BB wailed a bit, I snuggled him and told him how brave he was. We dabbed at the blood.

And as he cried, he felt for the tooth with his tongue and knocked out the other one!

I fished it out of his mouth and Mr. GT and I made a HUGE deal about him losing TWO teeth at one time and how excited the Tooth Fairy was going to be.

He stopped his sniffling and grinned, kind of proud of himself. He said, "That's a record I think. You're only supposed to lose one tooth and I lost two!"

We snuggled. I fed him sherbet (nice and cold). We talked about how brave he was and he decided it hadn't really hurt all that much. We decided really he had been mostly scared because he didn't know what to expect.

It was a very nice bonding experience and a little confidence lesson for him.

Plus he got 4 bucks out of it! (our tooth fairy is impressed by unusual circumstances. She always leaves more money if you lose a tooth away from home, or if it's your first tooth, or if you traumatically have it pulled AND you lose two at once!)

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Recovering Noah said...

Congratulations Banana Boy!!

I have to say, I'm quite jealous. Noah won't let us near his teeth. He's lost 4 so far and we've only found 1. I thought I'd have no problem digging through his poop, but quickly changed my mind when the time came. :-)