Friday, March 2, 2012

Something Interesting, For a Change

I know it's Lent and all, and we're jumping the gun just a bit, but I found all these neat Easter ideas online today. I keep meaning to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, but haven't done it yet. So these came from someone's Pinterest board, but I'll just link them for you.

This fun idea came from Housing a Forest. We used NuPastels, so we didn't watercolor wash them. We just used more pastel and rubbed it around.

And from Owlhaven's blog (which she repinned from someone else--I don't know much about this pinning, but it seems difficult to credit the original creator.) I made:

I used my digital scrapbooking program (I actually have SBC Studio for the Mac, but it's no longer available) to make this.  Do look at the one on Owlhaven's blog to see the original.  She printed hers to use as a framed poster, but I left mine as a .jpg to use as my desktop photo.

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Tammy said...

I love how your cross turned out! Great job.