Sunday, March 28, 2010

Indian Dinner Party

Mmm. Indian food. We had 6 friends from work over for dinner tonight (along with 3 extra kids) for India Fest. Three of my kids went to bed crying because they are so full! LOL

I made:
Crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala
Muttar Paneer
Coconut Cauliflower
Curried Potatoes    (this isn't the one I made, but it's a good recipe)
Indian cabbage
Chai tea

Mr. GT made:
homemade naan (surprisingly easy.  I'll try to get the link for the recipe)
mango cheesecake

I discovered the secret to a successful Indian dinner party is the crockpot (of which I own FOUR, thank you very much!)

On Saturday, I made the chicken tikka masala, all but the yogurt; the rajma, the cabbage, the sauce for the muttar paneer, the sauce for the potatoes, and the cauliflower (slightly undercooked).

On Sunday, the chicken, and rajma went into crockpots on low to warm.  I peeled and cut up the potatoes and put them raw with the sauce and a little water in another crockpot on high.  The potatoes didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, mostly because they needed more salt.  They were cooked just right, though, and I think I'd do them in the crockpot again.  I love them, but they are annoying to cook.  The potatoes always stick to the pan or get too mushy on me.

The cabbage & cauliflower just got reheated on the stove.  The muttar paneer sauce received peas, sour cream and paneer and it was done.  The naan went into the oven.

The tea I made in the fourth crockpot just before we sat down to eat.  I heated the water in my coffee maker, then put the hot water in the crock with the milk, sugar, chai powder and 7 tea bags.  For just guessing, it turned out perfectly.

Not authentic methods, but it tasted great!  All my sauces were cooked on the stovetop in the "right" manner, just done ahead.

There were 3 extra kids here, so all 8 of them went outside to play tag in the dark.  It was a fun night!

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Aunti said...

I'm jealous - I haven't had Indian in forever