Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sunshine Cute-isms


Nonny bought Sunshine a Lego garbage truck which he and Pepper put together.  He's having a great time with his new vehicle!  Yesterday we heard him say, "I hate to do this to you, Garbage, but it has to be done."

Today he was reading his Bible aloud to me (The Beginner's Bible).  It was the story of the boy Jesus getting "lost" at the temple.  It said, "Mary and Joseph hunted for him for 3 days."  Sunshine asked, "Did they hunt for him to eat him?"  He was serious.  That one makes me a little sad.  It highlights how much context and vocabulary he is missing.  On the other hand, I love that he can ask about vocabulary when he isn't sure (he often does) and that he's curious to know.

All these things and more point out every day how he remains about 2 years behind his chronological age.  He's a perfect 6.5 year old in so many ways.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

5 Things Saturday

1.  Cross Country did really well at the home meet.  Everyone took 2nd except Varsity boys who were 3rd, but one of the boys won the race.

2.  Mr. GT, Banana Boy, Sunshine and Pepper went on an excellent adventure today, in which they went to the farmer's market, an antique mall, the whole foods co-op, a tractor pull and the cheese factory.  They ate a ton of food!

3.  I got my bedroom cleaned and rearranged for winter.  The bed is back in the inside corner instead of in front of the (now freezing-at-night) window.  All the bedding, from the mattress pad to the duvet cover are washed AND the dog bed.  Vacuumed.  Stuff put back in the closet.

4.  Daisy had the whole house to herself for most of the morning while I was at the CC meet and everyone else was on their excellent adventure.  She wrote, read and did math.  And hung out laundry before I got home to take her to work.

5.  Home by myself for lunch, I stopped and picked up Chinese after dropping Daisy at work.  Yum.

Bonus 6.  RoseBud is accepted at both colleges she applied to.  The private one has offered her (standard for a 4.0 GPA) $18,000/year for 4 years.  This brings it down to ONLY $22,000.  Yikes.  State school starts at $14,000.  She is relieved to receive the scholarship based on her GPA to date, however.  She was really feeling the pressure to maintain it for this year also in order to win it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunshine and Eggy Muffins

1)  The weather this week has been so gloriously beautiful, I can't get over it!  I love the sun and the breeze and the cicadas humming and the clouds puffing across the sky.  It's very dry, though.  We could use some rain.

2)  We have had a most excellent first week of school.  There have been a few hiccups with Daisy's schedule and the little mister's reentry into a formal schedule, but for the most part everyone has worked hard with a great attitude.  Our dreamcatchers turned out very cute, Pepper finished her slideshow on Woodland Indians, Banana Boy read the whole novel he was assigned, and Sunshine has done some good writing!  Daisy managed to complete what she needed to, even with missing a whole morning working at the food pantry.

3)  Speaking of the food pantry, several of the ladies commented to the director on the good quality of Daisy's Spanish.  She gets small opportunities to translate for people occasionally, and she sometimes gets to explain the registration process to new people.  She's also building confidence in just chatting en espaƱol as she builds relationships with the customers.  The ladies, for the most part, speak passable English.  It's the men who are shy/stubborn about giving up their Spanish.  She has one older man who always converses with her about Jesus.

4)  I made 40 Eggy Muffins!  I've been wanting to get these made as we had a surplus of eggs and back-to-school was a perfect time to stock up the freezer for busy mornings.  I finally squeezed it in yesterday morning.  Of course, there were no vegetables (!!) to put in them.  Eggy Muffin veggies seem to be done in the garden.  I was reduced to using one old, tough zucchini bat and kale.  The other (unpalatable) options were rutabega, peppers (no one would eat), cabbage, potatoes (not a vegetable) and brussels sprouts.  Tis the season for cruciferous and root vegetables...

5)  I'm so blessed by how the kids play together.  They don't have a lot of friends outside the family, but they are good friends with each other.  They seldom fight and are very rarely physically harmful with each other.  Today BB made Sunshine a treasure hunt.  Pepper made Sunshine a cardboard longhouse for his Playmobil figures.  They all played Playmobil Indians today.  Daisy is helping BB integrate Polly with the goats and she's done BB's Polly chores all but this morning this week as he eased into the school schedule.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Things Wednesday

An original title, huh?

1)  The boys are so cute playing their favorite restaurant in the garage.  They have a hostess stand set up at the door with a white board for specials.  They dragged out a card table and the velcro-cutting pizza and sandwich sets for food.  The deck is the patio.

2)  Daisy is feeling the beginning-of-the-year overwhelmed blues.  I'm a bad listener, a bad empathizer and I just want to fix it.  She ran off crying.

3)  Pepper accomplished much today and made a cute dream catcher while we were gone.

4) Rose Bud had her first day of senior year today.  She's not home from CC yet, so no report on how it went.  She did stop in at the restaurant last night after the bus returned from the meet to tell me that the girls one first place!  She was so excited!  I thought it was so sweet of her to take the time to stop in.

5)  The dog can tell time.  Every night between 5:00 and 5:30, she comes wooing in to tell us her dish needs filling.  I don't know how she knows.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Five Things

In honor of September, Rae at JourneyMama (one of my favorite blogs) is typing five things each day on her blog.  In the interest of resurrecting mine, I'll play along.  At least for today!

Rae says, "Here’s something different I'm trying this September: Posts made up of Five Things. These things can be bits of grace, they can be funny things, they can be frustrating things.  These are the things you pull out of your pocket, at the end of the day, and arrange on your night table. These are the thoughts and memories you gather throughout the day. These are the things you paste in your journal. There are no rules, really, I just want to write about five things, to jog my brain and memory and not forget-- it’s the not forgetting that’s the most important— these years are an avalanche of challenges and gifts and I want to remember it all."

So, we'll see if I can come up with five things.

1.  I began the day with a medium level of anxiety.  We camped this weekend and the kids were up much past their bedtime each night.  A certain someone went to bed grumpy last night in protest at having to go to bed early.  The same certain someone did not come out of his/her room as usual at 6:00.  Nor at 7:00.  Nor at 7:30.  I went back and forth trying to decide whether to go check on said someone, not knowing what mood I would find.  I finally decided at 7:30 that whether a person was sleeping in or grumpy, the person was best left in it's bed.  Turned out to be a good call, as the person really was sleeping in (until 8:00!!!) and woke up exceedingly cheerful.

2.  First day of school for the boys.  Second day for Pepper and Daisy.  Last day of no school for Rose Bud.  It went swimmingly!  Again, a good call not to begin with our full-out curriculum, but with a small unit study on Native Americans.  A little less work, just the right amount for easing in to the school year.

3.  Daisy read My Side of the Mountain this summer and since has wanted to make acorn flour.  She asked this morning if she and Pepper might not bike down the road where she knew there was an oak tree and look for nuts.  Not only did I say "yes," but I suggested they take BB, which he loved!  Relax.  Say Yes.  Don't worry.

4.  All day I admired the canning we did yesterday which was taking up space on my island.  Mr. GT did 21 quarts of grape juice and 18 pints of tomatoes with green chiles.  I did 21 pints of jalapenos.  Did I put the jars away in the basement?  No.  But I did get them labeled, took the rings off and admired them all day.
5.  I love September weather!  The day began cool in the morning and peaked at a wonderful warm summer temperature in the afternoon.  The sky is blue and the clouds are floating by.  Things are still green and the sun is shining.  The kids were happy to play outside most of the day (when they weren't doing school.)

There!  I made it to five!  Yay.

Friday, August 23, 2013

“When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” (Psalm 94:18-19)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

“I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8)